what does your body good?

Most people say that a certain type of lotion, oil, body wash or cream makes there skin feel great. Have you ever turned that container around and look up the ingredients which is in the product you use? You will be surprised by what you find. I was using any and everything to keep my skin smooth but when i turned it around and looked back at it....ooh wee honey what a sad day in america it was for me. (lol) My son skin was so bad I didn't know what to do with it. His skin was so scaly and dry and regular lotion and cremes were not working (hint pure niche). I would put lotion on him in the morning by lunch he looked as if he was playing in flour. I was using Vaseline cause that is the go to in my family. My grandmother would always have a small jar in her purse for emergencies. If your lips was dry she would just reach in her purse and put it on your lips no questions asked. If you hurt yourself fell, scraped your knee or burned yourself she will pull out Vaseline.  If you in church and your child is crying she would put Vaseline on their lips just to distract them,She thought a little Vaseline healed everything boy was she wrong. For awhile my skin was tragedy also, my face looked as if someone had beaten me in the eyes. I could always tell when my cousin (hint cycle) was coming into town cause i had so many mountains on my face. This is after having my daughter which is officially my last child...lol. I used all different kinds of face wash and moisturizer until my own recipe was the best for my skin.I know it is plenty of other when with similar stories. I started researching and trying recipes based off research and understanding what works good with all types of skins. Over the next years I pray if its Gods will to share all different types of products with you. Let me know what you think your comments matter. I want to know any stories of a time when a product did not agree with your body? Critique me and always remember its nothing wrong with being uniquely you because God made you special thanks for the Girl Talk.


Chow with love ASH